About The Lost Robot

About The Lost Robot Publishing

The Lost Robot Publishing is a small publishing firm based in Melbourne, Australia.

It is the publishing house’s intention to produce e-books, app based books, printed books and games for young children – generally with a small learning objective.

About us!

Our little publishing firm first started as an idea that could be a great outlet for my daughter Gabby to maybe publish a book!

As time went on, nothing happened… Aside from asking a 7 year old to produce panels for a book, interests are far and wide for a child of that age… what with shopkins, lots of TV and such…

As 2015 rolled to a close, my wife and I discussed the possibility of taking this potential business further and we decided to have a real go of this!

So our little team will be aiming to publish some fun things for your kids in 2016 and beyond

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