Count With Me!

Count with Me! is a toddler/preschool storybook that introduces counting, the body (fingers, toes etc…) as well as differences. An engaging story where you as the reader can become the little monster talking to your child.

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Available in Australia at Booktopia!

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A note from me!

Hi, my name is Felix and I run the show at Including hiccups, I started this little publishing house to enable me to make up stories for little kids as well as teach them about reading!

I tell my kids that learning to read gives you your first super power!


Needless to say, they both took to reading with abandon – even scaring themselves a bit by reading books that they aught not! Dementors are even scarier at a young age… sigh…

I really enjoyed writing and illustrating this book and I hope to be able to grow the number of books written and illustrated by me through and perhaps invite other authors and illustrators down the track!

Count with ME! is my first book but not my first story and while I know this message is kind of tucked away in a corner of this website, I am going to release some stories on PDF (some with no illustrations) now and then for fun!

I hope you follow this journey via our social media or via email and feel free to drop me a line any time!

Felix Mak